The advantages of the Pionair System

Energy efficency

In recent years, the achievement of optimum energy efficiency is the focus of all thermo projects.

Install a valid winter destratification system allows to immediately find that without the intervention on the thermostats heating values ​​or on the insulation of structures, there is a drastic reduction of the “boiler” operating time: there is no better Energy Efficiency improvement of what does not make you consume!

The Pionair Solutions have been designed to be also used as powerful fans/coolers.

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Air quality, temperature and humidity are critical components for the feelings that an environment can transmit, even if it is for business or residence or for short staying.

For example, uncomfortable workplaces, can cause reduced productivity, increased possibility of error, grumpiness and complaints from employees.

Each of us spend about 90% of his time in an enclosed space, but, what only a few knows is that it is precisely the enclosed space to be more polluted than the outside environment and consequently this has an impact on our health.

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The Pionair Systems base their operation on the recovery of the hot air that being lighter than cold air, tends to rise and to accumulate unnecessarily in the upper part of the structures.

Putting the stagnant hot air back into circulation, by pushing it forcibly downwards, makes it possible to gain great Environmental and Energy Advantages, consequently Savings.

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Energy Savings -Thermal Comfort

ARPA Lombardia (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Lombardy) data was considered relating to the area of Soncino (CR) (the town where the industrial shed being studied is located) for the year 2014 in order to calculate the savings in terms of energy associated with the use of the Destrafan fans by Arienti & Co.

A transmittance of the walls and roof respectively 2W/m2K and 3W/m2K was…

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