Air quality, temperature and humidity are critical components for the feelings that an environment can transmit, even if it is for business or residence or for short staying.
For example, uncomfortable workplaces, can cause reduced productivity, increased possibility of error, grumpiness and complaints from employees.
Each of us spend about 90% of his time in an enclosed space, but, what only a few knows is that it is precisely the enclosed space to be more polluted than the outside environment and consequently this has an impact on our health.
The habits, the construction materials and furnishings, release VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds, extremely harmful for our health.
The slow air movement, guaranteed by PionAir Solutions, allows a uniform temperature in winter throughout the environment and, at the same time, it prevents from creation/stagnation of moisture. In summer, in addition to considerably lower the relative humidity, it produces a strong cool feeling on the skin through the facilitation of natural perspiration induced by the ventilation itself.