Range of Products

The range of Pionair Destratificators/Coolers is wide and effective and is the result of our long experience as builders of stand alone HVLS Ventilation Systems. Engineered and built to provide maximum performance, they have allowed us to become a leading company in the sector, not only thanks to its innovative technical features that characterize them individually, but also for the utmost attention paid to their proper insertion and sizing within more complex systems. It is in this way that our actual experience as developers of solutions is demonstrated: the Destrafan fans immediately become a critical component for the effectiveness and performance of any existing plant or in the design stage.

The Pionair Destratificators can boast a MTBF (mean interval of time before failure) that is among the highest in the market and require extremely low maintenance. Our production includes different models and each of them is designed and sized to perform specific functions in all those environments where correct positioning on the ceiling of the Destrafan fans is possible.

Destrafan: wherever there is a need to Destratify and Ventilate Areas that are Closed or Undergoing Prolonged Stoppages

Destrafan 3000

SMALL SPACES: School Facilities, Offices Open Space, Meeting Halls, etc. Installable with the Blades placed at a distance from the ground as low as 3.7 meters, the Destrafan3000 is the solution that is designed to manage “small” and usually very crowded spaces that, in addition to a perfect thermo-climatic management, need an excellent and continuous replacement of air

Destrafan 4000

MEDIUM / SMALL SPACES: Show Rooms, Lofts, Restaurants, Dairy/Cheese processing centres etc. Slightly bigger spaces and rotors at least 4.0 meters in height, these are the conditions of use suggested for theDestrafan4000. With this version you can solve environmental problems similar to those of the previous model in larger spaces but also to begin to address the small Processing and Packaging Industry.

Destrafan 5000

AVERAGE SPACES: Fitness centers, Large Sized Hotels,Banquet halls, Gardens, Green Houses etc. The Useful Area covered starts to become important, and always with Blades placed at least 4.0m in height, the Destrafan5000 is the natural solution for meeting Maximum fan flow rate venues and/or those for friendly gatherings that are even larger than the previous ones and for all those working applications where, in addition to temperatu- re, mould and excess moisture management also plays a vital role for the success of the activity.

Destrafan 6000

LARGE SPACES: Industrial buildings, Manufacturing Factories, Hypermarkets, Trade and Convention Halls. The possibility to generate large flows and the broad Area covered by each individual unit makes the Destrafan6000 our real warhorse. There is no activity that takes place under the roof of and/or within buildings with large surfaces, which cannot help but find benefits from the use of this powerful industrial equipment.

Destrafan 7000

VERY LARGE Spaces: Industries, Storage Sites, Shopping Malls, Sports Halls, Airports, Railway Stations etc. It is the “top of the line” product and is obviously the one providing the greatest performance both as regards the Air Flow as well as for the Useful Surface covered. Despite moving up to 529,240 m³/h of air, the amazing quietness of the solution allows its use in both industrial settings and as well as in locations which are typically where people come to meet and enjoy themselves.

*Consumption data related to Destrafan fans equipped with the ABB Three-phase Asynchronous Motor of the M3AA-IE12-IP55-CLF family, the versions with proprietary Brushless motors are certified for lower power consumption between 25 and 30%.